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Are You Weary of Waiting For An Opportunity to Rise Up?

Introduction to Start Your Own Ministry

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If you are still a member of a standard local church the chances are you are either ignored by the leadership or prevented from doing anything active in the church.

If you have left the Status Quo Church System, then you are probably sitting at home, wondering how to go about setting up your own ministry.

If you have tried to start something and failed, then you have probably given up hope or feel that you are not qualified to do this thing.

Perhaps you are ready to get moving, but you lack the resources to get moving.

If any of these apply to you, then you came to the right place!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Write A Book or Short Articles or Stories


The Writers Ministry Corner

We have the answer for you and will show you how to rise up and start your own ministry, training school or whatever God has called you to do.

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The Vision of The Coming Storm

Click the link at the right to read the Prophetic Word given some years ago by Apostle Les D. Crause concerning what is due to happen to the Church System

The pictures given in this word will soon begin to be manifested in the Visible Church, as the enemy seeks to unleash his fury against the Body of Christ to destroy the work of God.

Although all ministries will be the target of this attack of the enemy, the greatest damage will be seen in the larger old established ministry organizations. But the survivors of this event were the smaller compact ministries whom God is already raising up in the End Times Church.

The purpose of this ministry and this website to to find those small ministries and rally them together to produce the new pattern that will be seen in the End Times Church.

Our Mandate

To understand what this website is all about, and where you could fit in, we invite you to read our Mandate page, where we explain how God has led us and what we hope to accomplish in this ministry.

Les D. crause


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